PETITION zur Sicherung der Transparenz, Demokratie, Pressefreiheit, gesicherte Gewaltenteilung, frei von politischen Druckmitteln und der Meizin.



October, october i will never forget
Thank you for being the best part of my life yet
Thank you for looking out for me and bringing happiness to surround me
As the leaves slowly drop down and the wind heavily blows
Waiting for the whitest coats of snow
The thoughts, the joy and the sorrows to
The sun and the rain that brings colours through
Thank you with all respect, i hope winter is not what i expect
The cold, the miserable and busy too
Thank you october i do love you, as fall disappears
And the rain cry’s through all of the memories will be remembered too
Even if moments like this do not last
At least i can look back and say „I had a wonderful past“.

debby osami

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