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Editor’s Note:

This pictorial consist on a series of stills I have made from a video referring the slaughterings in Ukraine of unarmed civil populations. The images, which are warned 18+++,  do not only refers to consequences of the blind bombing executed by Poroshensko’s forces on the cities of Donbass. Rather, it depicts full-consciousness criminal killings executed by the cruel hands of the re-emergent Nazi forces in Europe.

What is going on in the streets of Ukraine, the blood spilled in the streets of Donbass region and other cities, it is not only „Ukraine in humanitarian crisis“. It is World Humanity which is in crisis, by accepting governments instigate, occult, or ignore a III world War ad portas – seemingly cruelest than the one before. World people for the most silent, or unaware. World media, ‚West‘ media, to use the eloquent expressions of Dr Paul Craig Roberts in his rearkable…

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