Vested in the use of false academic qualifications at the direction of CEO #Anneliese #Seiler #Gesundheitszentrum Fricktal.

Regional Journal of Aargau Solothurn

„27 wrong doctors at the #Gesundheitszentrum Fricktal“

Include the behavior of Anneliese Seiler and Chairman Kurt Jacober, #Gesundheitszentrum Fricktal to normality in #Switzerland?

From the foregoing descriptions and the latest case of Prof. Dr. Reinhold Hohl (ETH Zurich), are the repeated „high profile“ statements by CEO Anneliese Seiler is very doubtful?

Finally, the latest news of SapereAudeHelvetia

Dated Sunday 10th February 2013 Federal Court judgment, Switzerland, dated Feb 08, 2013 Comment by Baron von Ernestus Renteln for NZZ article, Neue Zürcher Zeitung dated 10th Febraury 2013

Democracy has its origin from the Greek. Demos „people” kratia “rule” includes „free elections in majority rule,

connected #SOS Help to save  #Prof. Dr. Reinhold Hohl, #ETH Zürich

 with respect for the opposition, and constitutional protection of fundamental rights of a citizen.

The antithesis of democracy is ochlocracy „mob rule“.

Today, the spiritual illiteracy leads to the degeneration of democracy.

Starting with a digital dementia! The reason caused a benign neglect. 

Here, the question inevitably comes the redesigned legal thought, outside the existing Federal law, in the general population.

What is ethical?

I would like to be treated myself?

From where is the initial wealth in Switzerland?

Even acquired through normal work? 

What social welfare we have in Switzerland? 

How did we come to this social welfare?

Which maintenance effort is required to maintain the prosperity and under what conditions? 

As is well known to get a little easy, but the maintenance is a lot harder! 

Elimination of international trade with German Foreign Legion, sent by Swiss contracts to Africa, to train for not legitimate organizations for promoting the arms trade for re-introduction of the colonial era?

Is not that a very dangerous game for neutral Switzerland to invite through a back door to war dance?

Abolition of Titulation „neutral“ Switzerland? 

Leaving Switzerland, the United Nations? Or is this just a game in front of the gallery? 

Relocation of all international organizations, including the headquarters of the International Red Cross in Geneva?

Export of the wealth of Switzerland to the EU tax havens, Luxembourg, Malta and Estonia? 

Leads the appalling ignorance of the large population of political manipulation of envy (Model Sweden), ignorance of racism and brilliant cultures, not to return to nationalism?

Is the Holocaust reexport of the Canton of Aargau, Switzerland, on the occasion of Democracy conference in Mainz on 02.03.2013 chaired by Councillor Hochuli actually useful?

Is not worthy of consideration, the international principle of „Behave yourself in your life as you yourself wish to be treated!“ to throw overboard?

Will the population issue a „Blanco change“ for the abolition of the free individual thinking of scrap metal GDR model, for the politicians in office?

All those controversial questions of substance, each individual for himself to go with courts.

What is correct or not correct, you decide personally in the design of your „absolute maximum personal rights“!

#CivilLiberties in #Switzerland: A man is dying as authorities refuse him transfer to a clinic for medical treatment.  

Mentioned in the report is Mr. Prof. Dr. Reinhold Hohl, ETH Zurich, Alberto Giacometti specialist.

Oldest friend of Mr. Ernst Beyeler (Beyeler Foundation), Died 2010th

Infected with ESBL in the rehabilitation clinic Rheinfelden, was transferred against his will to the nursing home GZF, Rheinfelden.

Denial of medical assistance by Hagen Scheerle doctor, health center Fricktal GZF, Rheinfelden.

An attempt was made to prevent the broadcast of this show in court.

Documented false doctor certificates of Dr. Leonard Maeck and Dr. Markus Klemm terminal to incapacitation of Prof. Hohl.

Markus Geiter guardian, guardianship authority Rheinfelden denied any medical assistance.

# Process without defense!

#Judges‘ defense without judgment and without „evidence-free appraisal“ in Rheinfelden,  #Switzerland!

Does this have its validity in neutral Switzerland?

Thus speaks the language of Switzerland „Diktaturens creature“?

#Fricktal continued on murder rates by a #German doctor.

# Fricktal Gesundheitszentrum Fricktal, Rheinfelden # Switzerland

# Kurt Jakober Chairman # Fricktal Gesundheitszentrum Fricktal

Is the summary dismissal in November 2009, by #Chairman #Kurt #Jakober #Gesundheitszentrum Fricktal, the internationally highly respected #Professor Dr. #Harald #Meden, in November 2009, in connection with the audit and also delayed disclosure of financial fiddling in #Frickatl Gesundheitszentrum Fricktal in 2010?

In an instant dismissal in silence agreement does not correspond to a cover-up of employer #Gesundheitszentrum Fricktal?

Subject is not automatically a reconnaissance duty to the citizens of their tax money is financing the subsidies?

Exists an automated backup tool to avoid #illicit #financial outflows?

#Anneliese Seiler CEO #Gesundheitszentrum Fricktal is caught in revision!

Subject to the credibility of Anneliese Seiler in the financial fiddling not a big question mark?

What about the credibility of the #Anneliese #Seiler and  Mr. Board President #Kurt #Jakober #Gesundheitszentrum Fricktal at the financial fiddling?

This does not belong to the principle of public taxpayers`money and a federal audit?

Dated Monday 18 February 2013

SapereAude @ Helvetia_

Switzerland: heavy diseased professor until incapacitated and then moved from hospital to nursing home. Government silent. … 

In this rescue your opinion is very important! Please send this information to your friends. Best Rotarian regards and thanks,

Ernestus Baron von Renteln, RC Stockholm Vasa